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A fuckingmachine diamond who likes it rough

This is a very special update - if you watch any shoot this month, make it this one. I don’t say that as a marketing ploy - I say that with a boner.It would be criminal to keep Kristina Rose’s machine debut under wraps - this girl is a nyphmo and she’s NEVER been on a machine. Never. So what happens when you introduce a nympho to something that can fuck non-stop at 350 RPMS? Marriage, is what. Marriage and raging orgasms so big Kristina can’t relax her mouth from the O shape for the entire shoot.The scenes are long, her pussy is made steel and it reloads quicker than an FBI agent. She is tireless, hot, and even ready to learn how to squirt - which we try to accomplish in the extra scene with the Fucksall and a HUGE dick. Watch the extreme close up of her pussy as she climaxes and tries to squirt.Stop reading - go - go now to the clips.

Date: August 25, 2021

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