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Adara Jordin – She Needed her Elbows Crushed Together - adara-jordin

Curvy Adara is hopped into the living room tightly bound and gagged. Her wrists are tied behind her back and her curvy legs are fused together in ropes. A large ball gag that spreads her jaws has been jammed between her teeth. The Hunter forces her to hop on her bound stiletto heels swatting her ass when she stops to rest. He tells her that today is going to be special for her, he is going to slammed her elbows together behind her back and weld them there in ropes. Adara has never had her elbows tied completely together before and is scared. The Hunter forces her onto her knees and bends her over the sofa an leaves her alone in nervous anticipation of having her elbows crushed tightly together behind her back. She rolls over and worms her way up to sit on the sofa. Adara has a change of heart and struggles to her feet and hops to the door still tightly bound and gagged. As she struggles to open the door the Hunter comes back and catches her. He forces her to hop back to the living room. Adara bites down on the rubber ball gag as he wraps his rope around her upper arms and then slams her elbows tightly together. Adara grunts into her gag as she feels her elbows kiss together behind her back for the first time. She can feel more ropes through the leather gloves encasing her arms as he winds more ropes down below her elbows and her forearms fusing her arms tightly together behind her back. She has never felt so helpless and armless before as he ties off the knots. He pushes her back onto her knees and runs a rope between her bound stiletto heels up to her now tightly bound elbows. Adara is pushed to the floor on her belly as the Hunter cruelly hogties her on the floor. He leaves her laying on the floor totally helpless and immobilized in the elbow crushing hogtie. She sobs and cries into her gag not knowing how long she is going to have to endure the cruelly tight bondage.

Date: November 6, 2022

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