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Sex Slave Daisy Duxepic - graias

The movie begins with Daisy tied to a platform, and poor Daisy must watch in a mirror as Rob writes on her body exactly what he thinks of her. When Daisy protests, she is gagged and subjected to naughty BDSM play. To discourage her from causing trouble, Rob places a candle on her chest. Now when she moves--even just a little--wax pours over her body. In the next scene, Daisy is in BDSM ecstasy as she screams with a mixture of excitement and pleasure as Mistress Irony makes her have multiple orgasms while she has to her to hold up a bucket of ice with her teeth. Finally, Daisy Duxe shows up for what she thought was going to be a light bondage photo shoot. The perhaps na\u00efve porn star has a little leopard print matching bra and underwear with fuzzy cuffs to match. Although she looks sexy, this is not what her master had in mind, and he quickly does away with the flimsy hand cuffs to teach her what BDSM sex is really about!

Date: November 8, 2022

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