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Electrically Fucked and Sucked

Heavy is living out the dreams of many kinky men. He is first laced up into an extremely sexy custom-made leather bondage catsuit by the perky Sasha. Mitts, boots, and a unique leather hood come next. Elise then begins skillfully strapping Heavy to her special table, ensuring that there is very little movement available to Heavy. Demonstrating to Sasha how to control Heavy through the electrical ass plug and urethral cock cap electrode, Elise begins warming up Heavy’s insides. Heavy, lacking much electrical experience, begins moaning and contracting as the juice gets turned up even more by Sasha. If you have ever wanted to see Heavy truly helpless with a dose of suffering, this is for you! After juicing Heavy’s genitals with electricity, Elise’s interest wains and moves on to the Venus 2000 machine, offering Heavy the suck of a lifetime. Unfortunately for Heavy, the machine does not care when he ejaculates, and so this whole experience might just go on indefinitely…

Date: April 8, 2023

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