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Clip 22Lil-a Ultra Hard Punishment For Poor Lili - aron

Aron and me had a weekend for sex and spanking in the wonderful house of a friend of mine! He is psychologist and has a lot of money! But as he returned, my friend found that I didnt clean the house as he told me to and made a pretty big mess everyehere. I knew he would lay me across is lap but this session was much harder and longer then I expected. Whenever I thought, my poor butt has overcome the punishment, he took a new implement like the paddle or carpet beater or took me over his lap AGAIN! He thrashed me so hard, i got angry in between and yelled at him! Guys, you dont want to know, what he did to me and how much I regret, being such a stubborn, lazy and disrespectful girl. Do you believe, I was able to overcome the beating without tears, as he sent me to get the kitchen spoon and get back over his lap?

Date: April 14, 2023

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