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SHOWER BRAT Feat. Allyssa Kyle Johnson - allyssa

Allyssa has been staying with Kyle for a few days for discipline sessions, but on the 2nd to last day, she gets in the shower and stays in it FOREVER. After an hour, a frustrated Kyle knocks on the door and asks her to hurry up, only to get a \"Just a Minute\" in response. He continues to knock and tell her to get out, when she decides to yell \"FUCK OFF\" back to him. He opens the bathroom door, yanks open the shower curtain, and gives this bad mouthed little brat a lesson in respect by throwing her fully naked and wet over his knee and spanking her soundly right inside the shower!A Fun but hard spanking to a bad mouthed girl who deserved exactly what she got: A fiery red naked bottom!

Date: May 30, 2023

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