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Tears Were Shed - jessie-whitcomb

\"Tears Were Shed\" is the third part in a spanking trilogy that stars the beautiful and amazing Jessie Whitcomb. The first two parts (\"A Stern Cropping in the Barn\" and \"A Country Confession: Jessie's Bare Butt Paddling\") tell the story of a girl who had disappointed her step-father and in turn was punished. Eventually, Jessie realized her mistakes and admitted that more discipline was deserved! In this video, we see what happened when Jessie was marched to the woodshed after she was paddled in the barn. She was already sorry for her bad behavior, but her step-dad thought that a few more licks would do the girl some good. Jessie was instructed to put her hands against the shed and assume the position for a strapping with a thick leather belt. The girl was well aware that family and friends would be watching from inside the house, but the humiliation was part of the punishment and Jessie was understanding of that fact, she really wanted to be a better young lady. A belting on the jeans really hurts a bottom, bu t so does getting birched with a bundle of birches as well! Jessie would also find herself getting a taste of the switch too.

Date: June 11, 2023

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