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Hana vs. The Air Pump - air-mattress

Hana tries her best to struggle free from the ropes holding her to the bed, but only seems to make her situation worse. Her neck rope is the central line to her rigging, so any pulling only makes her situation that much more unpleasant. Despite this, Hana fights her bonds with all she's got. At least until the air pump is turned on, and Hana finds out how tight the ropes can really get. This is a problem, as she's extremely ticklish and I can think of no better way to test her bondage. After she's had enough tickling, the wand between her legs is switched on. The effect is immediate as Hana fights the ropes from pleasure. It would be a terrible shame to rob her of her fun until she's had at least a few hours to enjoy it.

Date: June 17, 2023

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