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2nd Angle - arielle-lane

Arielle is an exquisite raven haired beauty with the body of a ballerina. A long awaited reunion soon finds her pretty bottom over his lap for what she craves most (or at least a close second place) Tight little dress pulled up over his lap, his big hand covers her perky little cheeks with each slap, bikini panties sliding in between as her bottom jiggles. She giggles adorably as he swats her bouncing globes warm and red, turning to satisfied moans. Picking up a thick leather paddle painting a trail of swats down the back of her legs before focusing on the center of her cheeks. Pulling her panties between her cheeks in a tight wedgie, he continues her paddling, relishing in the warmth and jiggle of her delectable mounds. Gently spanking between her legs, she is promised a reward after her spankings. Pulling her panties down, her bare bottom is spanked and paddled the perfect shade of bright red. Counting a final volley of paddle swats with the princess paddle, she is delighted to be in her favorite place for a well spanked bottom.

Date: February 14, 2024

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